About mahonitas

About mahonitas

Menorquinas sandals have been around for quite some time now. Born in Mahón, capital of the Balearic island of Menorca where footwear has always been the first productive activity since the XIX century and until tourism kicked in.

The original menorquinas are made with cowhide and rubber for the sole. They come from the slingers of the Balearic Islands that fought against Hannibal. Its use extended first to country people, then to a large part of the Menorcans and finally, thanks to tourism, to very diverse places.

How were mahonitas born?

In 2014 Pedro Caules, the man behind our design, patented the world's first menorquinas sandals in 100% EVA foam.

Pedro Caules, was born and raised on the island of Menorca, where he spent all of his professional life as a designer of avarcas menorquinas, the traditional Mediterranean sandals.

We discovered Pedro’s design on a trip to Menorca, we loved the idea of such comfortable, light and waterproof sandals so we tracked him down and finally met him 2 years ago.

The following years we worked on developing the new reinvented mahonitas. We wanted to combine the original sandal’s style with Pedro’s clever design and the result of that is mahonitas reinvented. A new, modern, comfortable and stylish design. This way, Pedro will always be part of mahonitas, he is very valuable to us.

Their Benefits

Mahonitas are not just another pair of sandals, mahonitas are clever, handcrafted, adaptable and most of all vegan. The upper part of the sandals is manually glued into the insole. Being 100% made of EVA foam, makes them ultralight, flexible, waterproof, washable and great for any sort of surface. Ideal for sailing as they are non-marking.

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